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Change is the only constant, said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus many centuries ago. This certainly holds true for organisations today. In a globalised and digital world, everyone is connected, and knowledge and expertise develop rapidly. In this ever changing world, organisations need to adapt to new realities and make new connections constantly. Flowz is an expert in working with organisations in transition, and organisations that start up, improve, and build on partnerships and alliances.


Flowz specialises in working with non profit organisations, alliances and networks that are establishing, changing and growing, and want to adjust and optimise. We support and facilitate strategy, resource mobilisation, grantmaking, learning and management. We are also seasoned, engaging and effective facilitators.

We switch effortlessly between complex analysis and practical implications, don't shy away from difficult decisions and our communication is transparent. 

We work around the world and are aware of and value difference and diversity.

The four pillars of Flowz



Flowz is expert in leading and supporting processes. We facilitate consultations, strategic discussions and planning days, management processes, and expert meetings. We deliver tailored trainings using appropriate methodologies, such as Theory of Change, Business Model Canvas, strategic fundraising, and community based participatory research. As interim manager, Flowz supports change and development, always with attention for personal preference, without losing sight of the overall goal.



The agendas and requirements of the (political) environment and target audiences of your organisation, alliance or network are constantly shifting. And you need to continuously adapt. Strategy, culture, structure and systems need to fit together, as well as be viewed as a fit with the needs of that environment. Articulating specificity and value-add are critical to success and sustainability. Flowz supports organisations in participatory strategic review and planning, often using the Theory of Change approach. 



Often it is financing, and not good ideas, that is holding organisations back from implementing. Flowz has much experience in resource mobilisation from institutional donors and private foundations, as well as expertise in sponsoring and grantmaking. We tease out and concretise good ideas, reshaping them into winning proposals, and coordinate acquisition processes and offer grantmaking support. 



We support progress tracking within a change process, keep an eye on possible risks, and advise on the development of processes within a given timeframe. Flowz also carries out baselines, evaluations and partnership reviews. We always use participative methodologies, and advise on how best outcomes and learning can be embedded.


Karen Kraan, an expert in organisational growth and process management with 15+ years of experience in international organisations, launched Flowz in 2010. Karen is a senior facilitator, trainer, and advisor in the field of effective and efficient project, team and organisational operation. She also supports organisations to find and exploit their niche. Karen is creative, enterprising, and results orientated.

Flowz stands for movement, the constant ebb and flow of the waves. Flowz recognises that organisations are in a constant state of change, and is ‘riding the waves of change’.

Flowz is thematically specialised in gender, key populations and marginalised groups, human rights, socio-economic development, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and HIV/AIDS.

Pro Bono

Give A Damn Circle

International Association of Facilitators

PlanetRomeo Foundation

Stichting Hello Gorgeous


AFEW International


American Bar Association – Rule of Law Initiative

Amref Flying Doctors

COC Netherlands

Commons Network

Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

European Alliance for Responsible R&D and Affordable Medicines

European Cultural Foundation

Freedom House

Global Philanthropy Project




Mainline Foundation

Orbis Africa

OUT LGBT well-being

OutRight International

Oxfam Novib

RNW Media

Social Platform

SOS Kinderdorpen


Transgender Netwerk Nederland


United Nations Development Program

Workplace Pride Foundation

“Focus on achieving results, and understanding of organisational cultures and management”Bjorn van Roozendaal, programmes director at ILGA-Europe
“An excellent national and international network, knows what is going on, and what has priority.”Anke van Dam, ED AFEW International
“Effective, determined, dedicated, and able to work in different cultures; a pleasure to work with.”Jacqueline Lampe, former CEO Amref Flying Doctors, current CEO RNW Media
“An efficient, decisive, and trustworthy professional with a helicopter view; builds professional and personal relationships effectively at all levels.”Ton Coenen, former ED Aids Fonds, current ED Rutgers
“Energetic and motivating, a communicator and mediator with understanding of cultural differences.”Ellie Hasan, former programme manager LARAS Indonesia



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